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Jesse Baker helps the Bakersfield Train Robbers down the 9-7

7/11/2018-Jordan Grader got the win for the Bakersfield Train Robbers.

Kyle Porter got the loss for the California City Whiptails.

Zach Williams picked up the save for the Bakersfield Train Robbers

For the Bakersfield Train Robbers, Jesse Baker lead the way at the plate going 4-4.

Kyle Bonicki also helped the ballclub at the plate going 0-4.

This game was played in Bakersfield at Sam Lynn Ballpark on 2018-07-11 at 7:45:00 PM

With the win the Bakersfield Train Robbers move to 31-18 on the season.

Bakersfield Train Robbers play Monterey Amberjacks at Wasco Ballpark at 4:00:00 PM on Jul 12 2018.

With the loss the California City Whiptails move to 24-26 on the season.

California City Whiptails play the High Desert Yardbirds at Balsitis Park at 7:00:00 PM on Jul 13 2018.
 R   H   E 
CAL    7   11   3 
BAK    9   14   0